Recap of Summer School “Working with Plutonium”

The Summer School “Working with Plutonium” successfully ended on 8 May 2015. This event was a joint effort between the SACSESS, ASGARD and CINCH-II FP7 EURATOM projects and took place from 4 to 8 May.

Its aim was to give PhD students and young researches the possibility to receive hands-on training with Pu in a safe and didactic manner as well as to experience a new work and social environment.

The School took place at Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Nuclear Chemistry and Industrial Materials Recycling, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

11 students from 5 different countries: Italy, UK, Germany, Czech Republic and The Netherlands attended. The teachers were Seniors and PhD students from Chalmers University, who are involved with all or some of the organising projects.

Part of the didactic material used for the school was provided by the CINCH-II project, while other parts were tailored specifically for the event. In addition, the lectures were filmed and prepared for future use by CINCH-II staff as e-learning material.