Highlight: First SACSESS Winter School

The first SACSESS Winter School, hosted by NNL, was held at Preston Laboratory from 7-8 April 2014. The main subject of this first edition was uranium laboratory management. Most courses were delivered by NNL personnel, however UNIVLEEDS and UNIMAN provided valuable input from an academic point of view.

Below is a recap of the courses given:

15 students from the following institutions attended the school:

University of Leeds (3 students)
- University of Manchester (2 students)
- CEA, France (1 student)
- Forschungszentrum J├╝lich GmbH, Germany (1 student)
- Chalmers, Sweden (2 students)
- Lancaster University (3 students)
- University of Edinburgh (1 student)
- Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Poland (1 student)
- CIEMAT, Spain (1 student)